is there a thread for spring/summer clothes yet? if not, here's one

post away

I’d quite like to get a light jumper - I’m imagine something off-white with thin orange stripes, maybe - and a couple of soft/comfy buttoned long-sleeve shirts, again in spring/summery colours?

also looking for similarly coloured skinny jeans/cotton trousers maybe, or tracksuit bottoms

(I don’t have lots of clothes or buy them very often, so)

(if anyone has seen anything affordable that meets the criteria, hi)

I am interested in how people find jackets.

I can’t seem to do it.


Me neither, which is why I have a denim jacket from the Levi shop, a leather jacket that’s about ten years old and loads of hoodies

Going to get some of these I think

For the first 2 hours or so they’ll look so good


I bought a plain black denim jacket last year that’s oversized. Looks DISGUSTEN but didn’t send it back on time.

Hate shopping so much. Will just be too hot/too cold instead.

My only jacket is an ASOS one I bought about 10 years ago for, I think, £20. It’s got annoying oversized domed buttons that always look about to fall off, including 2 on the back that catch on the backs of chairs or press into your back uncomfortably when sitting.

The worst thing is, it’s dry clean only. My reluctance to buy a new jacket means I’ve paid far more than the jacket originally cost in dry cleaning (which, wow, is really fucking expensive). I’ve decided I’m going to get rid of it so I don’t have to pay to get it dry cleaned again, which in practice means I’ll spend several years’ worth of dry cleaning cost on fabric to make a replacement.

I’m thinking of ordering this little number for the summer

Unfortunately I need to buy work clothes more than more t-shirts so this purchase may be delayed


Down with jackets is what I’m getting from this thread.

How do we keep warm in spring :thinking:


Having a moment about shirts. I have:

Many white shirts
Two light blue shirts

And that’s it

I was thinking about bolder colours but I worry about it.

Do we like those?

I’ve just bought these:

and have a couple of t-shirts and a vest I’m trying to hold off till payday before buying.

Was very vest-averse up until I got a carhartt one a few months back but am now very much pro-vest.

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I think with bolder colours it always depends on what you wear them with.

So a bright coloured shirt but with neutral strides can look good, but bright colours on top and bottom is instant “children’s entertainer”.

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Agreed, strongly

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Jackets are necessary. My winter coat is enormous so I really need something for in between. I get cold really easily too.

I’m now looking at possible jacket fabric instead of cooking dinner, eg

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I have one i really like, its a varsity jacket that has no weird numbers or letters on, just a plain good old black and white varsity jacket. Its the only one i have, usually go for thin raincoats or jumpers to keep warm in the summer evenings etc

Recently carried through on my threat to buy some white jeans (had to order from Spain to get white 511s)

They look decent with these that I got a couple of weeks back- a random man complimented me in the street on these, they are that fresh


Is it really really though? I put a lot of ‘dry clean’ only stuff through a delicates wash in the machine with no ill effects.

If it’s 100% wool or tweed or similar I would probably dry clean in fairness…

This definitely fits your DiS colour scheme!

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 17.26.09


I have an inordinate number of coats & jackets but it’s still no good at this time of the year when it’s -3C when you leave the house, 11C at lunchtime and goes back down to 0 when the sun goes in at 7pm

It’s annoying

I’m hesitant about washing dry clean only stuff after once shrinking something (that also let out an alarming quantity of purple dye while washing). ASOS stuff is usually machine washable so if it says dry clean I imagine there’s some reason for it. However I’m not particularly attached to the jacket and it’s getting on a bit, so now might be the time to find out…

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nearly declared the official shorts weather demarcation line last week and then it was 2° in the morning a couple of days later, so can’t ritually burn all my long trousers yet.