Is there a Tuesday Morning thread yet.....

Morning all,

It’s Tuesday. Very cold and threatening rain here in Staffordshire. I’m in the office today, but i’m grumpy so i’m getting annoyed by people being so loud, so my earphones are in already.

How’s the weather where you are? Plans for the day? :slight_smile:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day until I’m told it’s safe to go outside again


Weather is windy and cold. WFH, as normal, but wife has covid and keeping the youngest off nursery so will get 0% of nothing done as I try and entertain him.

Oooft was just about to post one.

Played a bit fast and loose with best by dates for dinner last night and slept dreadfully as a result. Quite stressed anyway this week so i’m groggy af today. You dont want to see me til i’ve had 3 coffees!!!11

Not much going on today. Weather is grey and nondescript, how apt.

Meant to be in the office, I’m not. Can’t decide what excuse to give and it’s stressing me out. I wouldn’t have had time to get in for my first meeting anyway so that’s the actual reason but then heading in after it always feels too late and weird and I’d arrive after the ‘core hours’ and it’d be noted. So it’s not my fault but the meeting schedulers.

Please do not bother reading any of the above ^ What a boring post.

Want to go to an art gallery today, get some pastries, have some chai, go to the cinema… only one of these things is actually happening.

Most likely

  • Art gallery
  • Chai
  • Pastries
  • Cinema

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Morning all :wave:

The eldest’s PCR has come back negative so that’s good! And good for her as it came back too late for her to go to school today.

Still got a headache though but I’m sure it’ll shift




Morning all.

Doesn’t look like we’re getting anything approximating daylight in Barry today. I’m making the most of it by leaving the big light off and working by lava lamp. Need to get a smoke machine in, really get some vibes going for this database building.

Supposed to be going to see some Christmas lights somewhere tonight but there’s an amber warning on for high wind so sod that. Got a new guitar pedal arriving today so I might just play with that instead.

Hope you’re all well.

Hope Mrs S is ok. Good luck!


had half made plans to hang out with a friend on sunday but neither of us confirmed what we’d do or when we’d meet, and neither of us had messaged since the friday. i ended up doing something else on sunday and then messaged her later in the day like whoops i forgot we’d meet, lets try again soon. she sent a quite pass agg message in response and it’s got under my skin a bit

always feel instinctively anxious and guilty when people are angry with me, but i feel like i didn’t actually do much wrong here? other than being a bit wishy washy with confirming plans. it’s not like i stood her up or anything, she’s just as much at fault for not messaging as i am imo

still feel like shit about it

As if there was any chai-ce

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Windy out

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Just having some toast and marmalade - another grim day here

I’m planning to get some new running shoes today, not feeling cycling in this shit weather so I need an alternative exercise option. Also have a book to pick up from Waterstones

Been in a bit of a MH pit last week or so so pleased to have woken up feeling reasonably chill and positive


Pretty sure I missed my brain pill yesterday so last night’s attempt at sleep was an absolute horror show. Currently waiting patiently for my neurochemicals to sort themselves out after this morning’s dose.

I have blocked out my work calendar for “focus time”, which is about as far from the truth as possible

Turns out my mental health is infinitely better if I don’t drink the best part of my total water weight.

Kudos and solidarity to anyone else struggling a bit during this festive period.


Going to become part of the sofa today


I’m on a half day! Got my 121s with my team and then ahm oot.

Going cinema this evening to see It’s A Wonderful Life but what should I do with the 6 hours before that

  • Travel into big wide London
  • Have a fancy solo lunch
  • A coffee shop trip
  • Try to find something cultural
  • Take myself on a solo wintery walk

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Please live the day I can not. Art gallery, chai, pastry, cinema. Walking around alone in amongst it too <3 DO IT FOR ME SQUANDERS

(please go and see those weird mechanical jellyfish things at The Tate, really want to go and watch those slinky little babes)