Is there a TV trope for this?

In a film or TV show, you get a hero, then you get a bunch of his mates who fill particular stereotypes - a big strong dumb dude, a smart nerdy dude, a woman (that is her sole defining feature. She may also be the love interest of the hero).

Then, at the climax of the film or show, the hero and his mates will square off against the baddy, and each team member will have a counterpart - the big dude will have to fight the big bad dude, the lady will have a lady fight and so on.

Is there a name for this trope? Can you think of any good examples?

When the X-Wings fight the TIE Fighters

Is there a lady X-Wing? Actually don’t answer this

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Emma is a lady’s name

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Someone out there must be called Emma Dale

Dale could be a man’s name

Police Academy 6 has a textbook example of this

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Holly Oaks
Cora Nationstreet
The list is endless

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Nailed it

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E. Astenders



Elaine traverses both. FAIL

I know a woman whose middle name is Dale.

Seinfeld is my thing, mate. Jog on.


Is her first name Emma

Icarus’s is good though.

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No it is Erica. I haven’t seen her in years. We were good friends as kids but lost touch.

I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.

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