Is there a way to auto bookmark a thread?

I’m running a listening club and I keep forgetting to bump it and move onto the next album. Is there any way of setting up a thread so that I get a bookmark reminder if there have been no replies after 24 hours?

I do not think so, sorry! Unless the tech squad have some sort of secret super fix!?


Ah no worries if not - I’ve worked out a workaround for now.

Unfortunately couldn’t find anything - closet I can find is manually updating your bookmark every time you get a reply :frowning:

Yeah, I’ll bookmark each “new album” post for five days afterwards, and that should do the job.

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If there were and the people knew about it, I’d have some serious questions.

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Like, “how do I do it as well?” ?

I mean, yeah, that would be a nice and useful piece of information, with every day applications.