Is there a website where you can type in a film or TV series and it tells you where you can watch it?

Legal that is, I’ve got the illegs covered.

Many thanks for your time.

Fuck off xylo. meowington, maosm (and maybe thanks)



balonz you can just type in “where can I watch Ex On The Beach?”

the answer is Now Tv btw


On a seperate note, you still using that sport website champ?

Found it


From time to time I am, thanks. On a bit of a football downer just at the moment (sullen baby style) and the cricket was on BT or too late and was too fucking ill when the darts was on! And my Switch has been taking up my spare solo time (+ wanking). Sure I will get back on it.

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don’t do it lonzy, 5 hours of my life i’ll never get back

Oh good! Fucking hell that BT cricket was taxing, started to miss Botham at one point.

Oh I was actually looking for K Shop and that was the second one that came up for some reason. No idea it had anything to do with the first, just thought it was random soft core jizz fest.

I only like hearing Botham’s name in an Alan Partridge book.

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I don’t just want streaming though so this is SHIT


Oh what, you mean terrestrial TV too? Like back in the 1950s?

get it on Betamax


We used to have a Betamax

dust it off and get it back out

Accidentally replied to a thread while googling mid-wank?


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