Is there a Wednesday (12.06.2019) Evening thread yet?

There is now!

Hi lovely Internet Mates, how are you this evening?

@Avery’s out at band practise so I’m probably just going to spend the evening reading on the sofa :open_book:
Might break it up with a romantic comedy but are there any good ones on Netflix? They mainly seem crap these days.

Speaking of Avery. When he got home from work earlier he was looking pretty good in his jeans and shirt and so I said to him “Damn, boy, you’re looking GOOD, today” he responded to this with a nice, proud, little butt wiggle that was unfortunately cut short by him gasping in pain as he put his hip out :joy:
Clearly, I need a younger model :smirk:

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday x


Hi Gnomesy!

I’m now banned by Mrs F from any kind of butt/hip wiggle or dance cause it fucks my back or hips up every time. I try though, lord knows I try.

6 day working week is over, just had a call from my parents inviting us out for lunch tomorrow and made this for tea, which I’m currently eating accompanied by a tasty cider

Happy Wednesday!


Off to see Hop Along for the first time in 6 years


Caused another minor goat stampede.


Good evening (afternoon)!

Temperature back below 30C (90F), but not by much. However, fog will roll in tonight, praise FSM, so temps for the rest of the week will be more tolerable.

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Just had a nice pub meal with some pals. Now sat with the window open enjoying the evening sun. All is calm.


On my way to Edinburgh, standard journey

Denmark have managed to resist attacking me for like 30 turns now, good restraint there lads

Four day weekend now cos it’s my birthday this weekend and I have loads of holiday. Off to Glasgow tomorrow night to see Hop Along, then seeing Sacred Paws on Saturday, very excited for both :sunglasses:


going to eat a pizza and watch some tv and/or read a book

might drink an appropriate amount of beer (1 beer) as well


Oh I really like them! Had never heard of them til they supported the Decemberists last year but yeah. Good band.

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Evening all. Neither of us could be arsed cooking so we got fish and chips for tea. Some of the batter stuck to the chip paper so it looked far too scruffy for the FnC critique thread, but it was very good. Light batter, chips were nice and crispy. 8/10. Am absolutely ruined now though.

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It’s not scruffy it’s ‘artisan’.

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Happy Weekend! Always wanna smash your dinners tbh :hugs:

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It’s Dylan day, got some ginger nuts in especially.

Gonna cook some veg from the veg box with pasta for an easy tea.

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Happy Dylan day indeed! I was going to watch it tonight but girlfriend is away on business and said she would castrate in my sleep if I watched it without her. Will now have to wait until early next week to watch it as I’m off to Mississippi tomorrow and Friday for work, dog sitting Saturday for my aunt and uncle and then going to Outlaw Festival on Sunday. Busy busy.

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Alright Gnome and Wednesday eveningers

I have a cracking headache, probably through not drinking anywhere near enough today. Having lazy pizzer (Tezzas finest 4 cheese and caramelized red onion) for tea and Fourpure Pils to drink after.

Off tomorrow. Kiddo has her MMR jab, so fully expecting tomorrow afternoon to be a write off really.

Maple mustard pork belly. Fucking delicious it was!

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Just looked this up. Willie Nelson!

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Yes sir. Your man Steve Earle, Allison Krauss, Phil Lesh (grateful dead). Pumped.



Shame you’re not around tomorrow though…

oh boy. :grinning:

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