Is there a Weekend Football Thread?


Then again, England are going into an actual World Cup with Gareth Southgate as manager


And into tonight’s game against Brazil, no less, with a centre forward that has played 7 more Premier League matches than I have and scored the same number of top flight goals as me.


Not sure England would have done so ‘well’ in a group with Spain though tbhf


Italy are one of my favourite nations to watch at big tournaments.
I’m disappointed.


That was my point! We definitely wouldn’t have qualified had we faced any decent teams, and we can’t mock Italy for failing to change manager at the opportune moment, when we’re sending a considerably less qualified manager to the World Cup to limp out of the group stages


Three places left to be sorted today and tomorrow


Denmark, Peru and Honduras with a bit of luck.


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Denmark vs Ireland tonight
Australia vs Hounduras tomorrow morning
Peru vs New Zealand tomorrow night/Friday morning


It’ll be a real dogfight


Starting to get properly nervous about tonight. Would like to see Shane Long start ahead of Murphy, even though Long has been shit this campaign he’d run and run at the Danish defence, unlike Murphy. Would like to see Hoolahan come on after an hour and Brady to actually play well please.



but the signs were there for Italy in qualifying - only managing a draw at home against Macedonia for instance

Ventura had come in for loads of criticism

Oh well, shame the Italians won’t be there but maybe they can have a kick about with the USA while the rest of us are watching Tunisia v Panama or whatever


Don’t fancy your chances tbh


Yeah, neither do I. We’ve been shit at home during this qualifying campaign.


so, aside from Italy, USA & the Netherlands any other big teams conspicuous by their absence from this WC?


Chile missing out is pretty big too given their current squad


Turkey, Ukraine


Just think as much as Hoolahan is the Irish Messi, he’s still no Christian Eriksen. Bet you anything Delaney scores the winner for the Danes


I’m well aware of our limitations and I hope we play the most negative game of football ever and win just to fuck people off.