Is there a Weekend Football Thread?





Nah that didn’t happen, we made it!!!


not a real country



Konica, colours are calling me.
Kooooonica, colours are calling meeeeeee
Koni-KONica, colours are calling meee!


Actually I’m not sure if this got lost in the bants shuffle at the time but did we all catch that not only did Scotland fuck up by drawing to Slovenia but Slovakia missed the playoffs anyway. Probably the most “Scottish exit” ever


I think if you type those words in any thread it draws thewza in


whoops, good shout, probably sets off a google alert huh


The draw against Macedonia was after they’d lost to Spain and pretty much doomed themselves to the playoffs anyway in fairness.


Awww nawww!!!


you’re aware of the “Am Brian” meme right?


while we’re doing national anthems

last night’s booing of the Swede anthem was quite extreme - leading to Mikael Lustig doing a very bad swear on live TV at the end of the clip here

“Jävla fittor är dom” - meaning the crowd


think we’re getting distracted from what’s important here



Oh my Lord :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


yeah I’m buying the living shit out of the Spain one


Dennis Wise is off on I’m A Celeb, lovely


also gorgeous, aye


Come on Ireland!