Is there a Weekend Football Thread?


My Italian matess are saying NO-celotti.

Not rated that highly by ye olde Italians.



Going to hype myself up here.


Maradonna clearly off his tonk on the old white powder while the Argentinian anthem is booed in Italy is great


Come on Oireland. We can’t have Denmark qualifying. A country without a single redeeming feature.


Weird that I don’t have anything from Italia '90 there. Fucking sick of the nostalgia around it to be fair.


think your low key but sustained campaign against Denmark because it smells of shit is one of my favourite things on the boards.


could do with John Aldridge and Jackie C losing their shit on the touchline too!

legendary wc moment


that fucking Houghton forward roll maaaan


Honestly feel sorry for anyone who didn’t experience USA '94.


4 years old, you was


I was actually four and remember a tiny little bit of it.


Think I might have a USA '94 Oireland shirt still kicking about in the loft.


'Ya dickhead!"

Richard Dunne in one of the best performances ever in an Irish shirt.

Alan McLoughlin!

Absolute hoofball here. Bonner sends one long into the Dutch box, Quinn scores.


I remember watching loads of it. I was six years old, demented on 7UP and being allowed stay up way past my bedtime for matches. The final didn’t end until around half-eleven here!


I was 4 and remember bits of Euro 96, tbf


can I post this again?

gonna make some edits actually


Superior tournament anyway.


Hahaha! YES! Go for it!

Oh, and we will exclusively be drinking Beamish tonight.