Is there a Weekend Football Thread?


I remember that Oire/Mexico game vividly man. was played at noon local time, in 110+ degrees, which clearly favoured the Mexicans.

was a bit of a shite game really, but the thing that really sticks in my mind from that tie was the absolute state of the Mexican keepers shirt.


Oh my God. You genius.


Jorge Campos wasn’t it? He had some atrocious kits over the years.


he was pretty short for a keeper too and truth be told, an absolute liability


didn’t he design them himself?


have to say, one of my most memorable wc moments of all time was David O’Leary slotting that penna to get r.o.i into the quarters.

was in tears, I was. beautiful!


calling bs on this one man. sorry.


Apparently so! Looked up his Wiki there and he occasionally played as a forward at club level. Scored fourteen goals in one season!


What tenuous Irish ancestry are we all claiming tonight lads?

  • Full Irish
  • Half Irish
  • Quarter Irish
  • Eighth Irish
  • Less than an eighth
  • Not at all Irish

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Erm, alright




Fully pumped-up for the Wembley Humdinger tonight!!! BRING IT ON YOU SAMBA TWATS!


I had a bit of an anti-Danish thing for a while cuz of a girl but now look at me, off to watch the football with all my #danishmates


I dunno man, maybe you had a highly advanced brain as a 4 year old. I just remember stuff like drinking milk and crying

comment retracted


I remember stuff from when I was 4 - all music stuff though

Don’t remember any football pre age 7ish apart from the very ghost of a memory of my first actual trip to an actual match


This sounds about right for me too, though I remember I had a couple VHS tapes on it after that really solidified my memory


I had this incredible tape set that I absolutely rinsed up until I was about 14. It was highlights of every World Cup until 94 - something like 4 hours of coverage. Fucking brilliant.


yeah man, earliest football memory for me was my first live game - Plymouth Argyle v Arsenal in the milk cup. 81, I think. my old man kept telling me what a classy player Charlie Nicholas was, but I was more interested in getting a cornetto at half time, tbh. it was fucking freezing as well. hated it!

7, I was


Remember Gascoigne’s miss vs Germany and my dad putting walkaway by cast on when we got knocked out


i remember them playing footballs coming home all the time at my nursery/day care, so i must have been about 4. kind of knew what it was about, knew who shearer was at least.