Is there a Weekend Football Thread?


Just remember my dad being really jubilant about England getting knocked out (they had beaten Spain in the knockouts).

And thus begun my journey as a football edgelord.


When did Cook & Gunn get called up?!


(Sounds like a cocktail bar)


Young ruffers was watching rhyl town and pretending he didn’t know there was a tournament on


After the Germany match. With Solanke.


Dark ages for wales at that time though. Giggs still in his nappies. Hughes, a walking corpse. Think their best player in the mid 90s was their keeper.


Speed, I guess


Is there nothing the Knowles family can’t do!!


Giggs was already good in 96 surely. Hartson up top


Paul Bodin


Hartson was complete mince, cmon.

Giggs would have been 22. Reckon he came into his prime a bit later


Yeah but compared to Welsh people


Rush was still kicking about the welsh squad in 96 chaps.


man! giggs was ripping shit up in the pl 93/4, easy


Rush was complete shit after his first stint in Liverpool (according to my scouse relatives anyway)


Would’ve been 3, so I don’t remember.

I’ll take your word for it though. Wales had plenty of quality players in the mid 90s, and should have been qualifying for tournaments.


just under one in two, which ain’t bad considering Aldo was competing with him for the striker spot for a while.

fucking hated Rush man. he bagged 25 against Everton, the peanut headed cunt!


giggs made 38 league appearances for United in 1991-2 season, according to wiki. kin hell man


got the Guinness in, amped


Beamish and a G&T for me.