Is there a Weekend Football Thread?


Well that’s already two more goals than I was expecting in this game




it’s 2017 and harry maguire is playing against neymar


This game is the equivalent of a bunch of kids solemnly watching the footie coach do about 500 keep-ups, and I’m 100% ok about that.


Rashford’s close control v Jesus’s though


when the fuck did lingard come on?


Going to need about four million more pints here.


I’d strongly disagree with this.

Giggs was a fully-formed player by 19.

His game evolved, more than once, but pure, i’d argue peak Giggs, 1992 onwards.


can’t think of a worse time to score than minute one

can you?


I’ve just stuck a fiver on Ireland to win 3-2 (18/1), so that’s definitely going to happen now.




…against weaker opposition. can’t remember him purring against a proper decent side.

no offence, @Kallgeese


Over the last few days I’ve watched ENG vs GER, SWI vs N I., DEN vs IRE and now ENG Vs BRA. Starting to forget what a goal looks like.


All good homie!


Bossed man city last year when spurs turned them over (if this was intentional city are shit bants, I’m all for it btw)


Real Madrid the other day

#needlesslydefensive #learnfootball


Ryan Giggs’ punditry is reminiscent of Alan Shearer 5 years ago. Zzzzzzzzzzzz


HAhaha as if people are watching England rn


Freeview wankers innit


that throw-in they gave to denmark after eriksen was hot on shane duffy is one of the worst referee / linesman decisions ive ever seen