Is there a Weekend Football Thread?


You’ve won, he could pull out a gun and go on a rampage and your money is still safe.




bacon sarnies all round

is that it for Denmark?




Actually both are acceptable


Switching over to ENG now. Assume it’s been an absolute pile of fucking shit so far?


That is some top betting there. The new king tipper!


Yeah. Brazil have been pretty but haven’t created much. England have done fuck all. Only been watching since half time mind


Looking forward to @nav’s speech when he collects his winnings!


Reigning king tipper now I think


Kin ell bammers is in nets for brazil


He’s quite a handsome keeper isn’t he


Not as handsome though


lots of positives. Gomez, Rashers, restricting brazil to pot shots

nailed on to win the wc up at this rate


Should I put in a request to the brass for a special king tipper status?

  • Yes
  • No

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What sort of twat has a few quid on a midfielder scoring a hat-trick away from home during a run of tight all-or-nothing play-off games?

Can’t even feel happy for the lad, tbh, tbf.


i usually place one bet on a realistic outcome (this time I bet on ireland to win 2-0) and then one ‘comedy’ bet i.e. with high odds

this is the biggest win i’ve ever had and the most outrageous since leicester won the prem or south africa beat france at the world cup.


Don’t rise to it, champ


Some promising breaks killed by Jamie Vardy getting to a point where he had to try and pass.


you’re right i’ll return to awaiting my wad