Is there a Weekend Football Thread?


How much did you have on Leicester, and when in the season was it?

I could’ve won so much money that fucking year. Just assumed they’d bottle it virtually right up til the end.


Bendtner. Fuck’s sake.


Jumping on the silly bet bandwagon



Did you work out if a fourth goal would destroy your bet?


Has Rashford got his head down and run the ball out of play yet?

(jokes I love rashboy)


Does anyone know how to properly format emojis into titles? Asking for a friend.


£10 on in i think december when it was 14/1 still


seen nothing tonight to suggest Walker is going to dislodge Trippier for the RB slot, come the wc


Joe Hart has hoofed the ball very well tonight tbf


Ask @imaperv she’s got some


guess which idiot was about to make a joke poll about putting my £600 winnings on bendtner being the sixth goalscorer


Bad luck @Kallgeese


You’re doing that word soup thing again, mate.


Never heard of either of these two


That would have been masterful

What were the odds ?


Oooooooh close!




Thought so lanky was a nom de plume for crouch


My Giddy Aunt