Is there a Weekend Football Thread?




that was close



no way i had the bottle for that but imagine


Which way round the board do we go? Do we get any money or anything?


Alternative losing speech if you had!


rooting for @aggpass now


Should have gone for the acca on that before the game


Thanks man. Shit craic in the end. We did the best we could and it wasn’t good enough and, y’know, that’s okay.


just jumped on. if joe gomez scores first i win 300 quids.


putting £500 on Martin O’Neill to be next West Brom manager


Hart left his near post so open what was Willian doing


Marcelo has been consistently brilliant for twenty odd years now


He was embarrassing at the world cup


Only 50 caps though…seems a bit low, have Brazil had that many good left backs?


yeah, that stat surprised me too. thought it might be the Carlos factor, but he retired in 2006

can’t honestly think of another decent Brazilian left back…


Armando a plan etc Panama
headlines write themselves


Alex Sandro at juve has been good but he’s the only one I can think of while marcelos been around



He’s only got 10 caps though apparently


So brave