Is there a Weekend Football Thread?


Ruddy, bloody, gruddy, struggly, muddy


Gilberto & Filipé Luis have 30 odd caps each at left back, though most of Gilberto’s would have been pre-Marcelo I guess


Ah Luis was the one I was forgetting. He outperformed Marcelo for a few years at atletico didnt he


Was about to say, Gilberto, Kleber, Santos and Bastos have a reasonable number of caps between them from that period after Carlos retired too.


Willian is the only nice Brazil player


So was I


chinny reckon


He played for Hungary


What kind of a fucking poll is this


vintage twitter polling there


What’s better. Grape juice or catching a frisbee?


That like was a vote for grape juice, btw.


don’t @ me bro

blocked & reported


Mysterious, unknown stuff like this unsettles me more than even a horrific on-field legbreak. Hope it isn’t anything sinister.


My phone died earlier but FS cheeky goal from the lord!!!


Qualifying isn’t the be all and end all. Seems a bit silly that we have five distinct home nations teams anyway, including Ireland. All the Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Norden Ireland fans should throw their support between Southgate, Stonesy, Rubey Lofty Cheek, Fodiesta and the other brave, brave English boys. There’s a trophy there to be won. Let’s fucking win it.


was thinking last night of the English players who are nowhere near the squad, that you’d hope would push on and get on the plane

so far, I’ve got:

Jack Wilshire - no other English player has his ability to find a clinical pass. very comfortable on du ball
Tom Davies - his loping style would trouble teams. can beat two men in a heartbeat
Mason Holgate - can play a number of positions. decent on the ball
Phil Foden - not kidding. take the pup.


If anything, the two exercises at Wembley have driven me even further from caring much about England.

I find it faintly ludicrous that Southgate gave a debut to a centre forward who has 0 Premier League starts and that after the Brazil match he talks about impressive resilience, guts and spirit rather than anything on a technical level.

I find it ridiculous that the nation with the richest league in the world has found itself in the situation of having to use its international side in much the same way as a club side by bringing players through the ranks and relying on potential because the pool of available talent is so shallow. England are effectively now doing what Wales or Northern Ireland have had to do for years, blooding youngsters based on performances at younger age levels.

Whilst goalless draws against Brazil and Germany are fair results, they are friendlies. Didn’t England win in Berlin fairly recently? And beat Portugal before the Euros? Friendly results and performances largely mean very little when it comes to competitive tournaments.

And whilst there is clearly a lot of talent around those younger age groups, so much of it is simply potential. How many players in the past have shown loads of promise in their late teens / early 20s and then not pushed on to be the top players they looked like becoming. Micah Richards, Walcott, Wilshere, any number of goalkeepers.

I’m not saying that a number of these youngsters won’t go on to fulfil their potential, but hanging hopes on them feels pretty dangerous and isn’t the greatest indictment of where English football is right now.

Not really sure why I am posting this here, probably ky a bit of a reaction to a lot of what I have read elsewhere.




he’s fucking decent mate. I’d be tempted to bin off the brothers clog - Jones and Cahill, and have a back three of ball playing centre half’s - Gomez, Stones and Holgate




Trippier/Rose (wb’s)