Is there already a show off your presents thread?


Is there? Is it in very poor taste?

  • Let’s do this
  • It’s been done
  • Let’s not

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Not arsed about sharing mine, interested to see others


wife got me a cardigan and some long johns, prolly not gonna post a pic of me modelling them



oh, please do! :smiley:


I’ll post my ridiculous chocolate haul if I can get off the sofa…


My flatmate got a pair of long johns that are meant to be able to “clean themselves”
:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:


#prayforruffdawg :pray:






Can we make the focus looking at cool / unusual / mega thoughtful things rather than “here’s a photo of a massive load of stuff” - Facebook and Instagram really got me down with sheer volume boasting.


Or I can just ignore the thread like an adult!


2 books and a penoid board game - rents
Slippers - sis
Gin - secret Santa
Scotch confectionary plus bike wanker hat - secret Santa



Mum hasn’t had time to buy me a cardigan so she cut me a picture of one of the paper


Various things but this is my favourite (which Mrs CCB bought me)

It’s a map of West Norfolk as at (roughly) the time our house was built, based on the old OS maps. But you could now put it up against a modern version and spot the difference :slight_smile: looking forward to framing it!


That looks great, fair play. Really like old maps.


Going to have a very delicious and vegetarian 2018


I got my sister that Meera Sodha book and we have it here as well, Ugandan Indians ftw


Everything in it looks so delicious


Everyone should own Fresh India, it’s so good.

Asked my brother for it last year and bought for my sister-in-law’s sister this year.

The paneer butter masala is better than it is in most restaurants.


Ah, is she Ugandan?