Is there an artist/musician who you completely stopped listening to and you're not sure why

i keenly followed Grimes through her early Hippos in Tanks stuff up until Visions. But i’m not even sure if i listened to the second album at all and i couldn’t tell you how many she’s released since. i think she released one monstrosity of an EDM song after Visions but that alone doesn’t account for completely losing interest. i think it’s more that certain press outlets stopped covering her and she sort of ascended to a more mainstream sphere? idk that makes me sound snobby though. yeah I’ve no idea really

Animal Collective. loved them for a while but got fed up of them very suddenly, not entirely sure why.

think i started to find them a bit too grating and i kind of imagine them to overly wacky annoying pricks (some of their american fans seem very annoying too) so i guess just that? think everyone started raving about a song on the Fall Be Kind EP that had a fucking panpipe solo and i just couldn’t take it anymore.

i did dig out Strawberry Jam and Merriweather recently and quite enjoyed them both, then put them away again and probably won’t hear them again for a while. though i also tried listening to the last album and it was really really annoying.


Wait, you only listened to Grimes’s first two albums, or you listened to Visions (her third album) too?

Find the coverage thing surprising though, I hadn’t heard of her before VIsions, and then found the coverage for her last album Art Angels was huge (and was awesome as it’s an amazing album, but that’s not why I’m in this thread) and was covered in all sorts of outlets. Could completely understand how someone who enjoyed her earlier work wouldn’t enjoy Art Angels though.

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The beginning of ‘annoying’ era Animal Collective. Was a great album, but all the ones in this vein since haven’t been as good or as you say, start to make you think they’re a bunch of annoying pricks.

I’ne tried hard to think of an example to post in this thread, but I can’t. Whenever I have lost interest in an artist I can always pinpoint a reason. Usually the reason is very simple; they no longer make music i like, or they make music that’s too much the same as their earlier music.


sorry, for some reason i thought Visions was her first album and the ones before that were EPs. also i did some reading and surprised there’s only been one album since (2012?) seemingly she had a spat with 4AD

Loads of biggish indie bands, Arcade Fire, that kind of thing. Just found new stuff I guess.

I would say the earlier ones are even more annoying tbh. Those are the two where they managed to balance it slightly better

Belle and Sebastian - probably my most listened to band in my late teens/early 20s then completely lost interest in them for no apparent reason.

her last album is pretty much a 10/10 for me. lifts my mood every time


seeing them live did it for me, although my girlfriend loves them and i still get all fuzzy inside when i hear those first 2 or 3 albums

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Bill Callahan just kinda got a little too boring for me. No idea what he’s released in the last 5 years if anything

The Shins

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I suppose Converge after No Heroes, didnt really check out anything since until the new one

been going back to the first two albums a lot recently, and i honestly think Oh, Inverted World is one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard


I used to be a massive Manics fan. To the point of (but not quite regularly including) eyeliner, making my own t-shirts and tracking down obscure early flexi-discs to collect. I think their new releases just got too dull, my hopes for going back to the “sound of the Holy Bible” dwindled to nothing (and I stopped caring if they would or not anyway) and my enthusiasm for their earlier stuff has faded away. Stuff like Stay Beautiful, You Love Us and Repeat just seem a bit cringey now.

Franz Ferdinand

Fleet Foxes. Thought their second album was much better than the first, but for some reason had zero inclination to listen to the one they put out last year, despite the good reviews.

Played that last War on Drugs album to death, Lost in the Dream, but had absolutely no interest in getting the new album. Haven’t heard anything off it, have no plans to

Didn’t like Art Angels at first. Love it now.

Check it out.