Is there an evening thread? (25/3/21)

Well, is there?

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Nearly finished my third of three 12 hour day shifts. I finish at 8pm.

They stuck me with an 8½ hour shift on Monday and so my 44½ hour, four day week is nearly over.

Weekend starts now!!

Beers and films tonight when I get home.


haven’t seen one, no

Just banged the footy on. Finished The Leftovers earlier. Thought there would be two more episodes

dinner is meatballs

Eating things I found in the oops shelf in asda

Nope, not today

Just finished dins


Oops shelf?


The cheapo reduced stuff you get at the end of the day

Okay it’s whoops


Was £12 now £1! That’s the stuff of dreams. What is it?

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Oh I just googled the image

But you’re right it’s a barg

I’m going to start using this as a way of saying something is good: “The book I’m reading at the moment is totally meatballs.”


Masterchef, Taskmaster and sludge beer tonight, the DiS holy trinity

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Before I realised it was a cake I thought it was a weirdly patterned ham, like a fancy billy bear


Feeling quite lonely today guys. Can’t remember the context but i said something to my boyfriend about how he’s friends with all his colleagues outside of work and he replied that he’s “only” friends with about 4 current colleagues. That’s more friends than I’ve made at work in my whole career.


It sounds a bit like it would be bad though. Bit too similar to just balls

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The difference between being shit and being The Shit.

I really struggle to/resist making friends with people at work. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being silly by doing that and worry that I’ll forget how to make friends and end up with none as I get older.