Is there an evening thread?

Underboob has finally hit the mainstream.

Gonna go the shops for a/some treats… What shall I get? Something that’s nice with a cup o’ tea

I’m off to see ya emo boys Tiny Moving Parts. Should be fun / make me feel old af.


I’m doing all the tedious house moving stuff and apparently the price of my extremely standard internet only Virgin non-fibre broadband has crept up to FORTY SHITTING POUNDS A MONTH with their incessant gouging.


Shitting Christ.

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have I stunned everyone with how much I’ve been overpaying for broadband

Great day. Slept for a bit, drove an hour to spend 3hrs talking about babies, drove an hour back and have the baby a bath. Making a curry and gonna go bed early

just got back from my amazing week in Manchester for the Countdown equivalent of the world cup - although I am fucking EXHAUSTED (about 4 hours of sleep every night because of partying/banging/not being able to sleep generally) and ill (my FWBs had a cold and now I have it) and emotionally drained (best friend has a life that’s basically a Rubix cube of intersecting shitnesses and this week has been a nice break for him - helped by me being an AMAZING AND SUPPORTIVE FRIEND - but now he has to go back to the cube of shit).

was surprised and pleased to see the house fairly tidy. go into the bathroom, see that housemate has left a shitload of (what i believe to be) pubes all in the bath. fucking shitloads in the plughole strainer and all around too, as well as the razor. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


2hrs into a 5.5hr train journey.

Killll meeeeeee

Got my hair cut today, it feels very silky.


Virgin are a bunch of absolute pricks.

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It feels silly?! But how does it look?


Haha!! I swear I wrote silky the first time!!

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Ha! :grinning:
I’m currently waiting for my Coiffeur to get back to me, badly in need of a trim. That’s been over a week now, wonder if he’s on holiday🤔

You’re the only person I’ve ever met who calls them a coiffeur (had to check and respell that like 5 times). You are the fanciest person.

Maybe they’re on holiday! Or maybe not! Maybe you need to get a new one!! What would you do?! This is the second time I’ve been to see my new hairdresser. She is very good. I am delighted.

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Fuck that! He’s my 3rd coiffeur since i was about 16, was very upset when my last one decided to move to london.

Excellent. :+1:

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  1. Have to work tonight and it’s not my choice
  2. Missing out on a nice speed mate-ing thing I had a ticket for so I’m no longer going to meet my new BFF this evening
  3. Also missing Leeds light night which looks like loads of fun
  4. The nice salmon I was going to have for dinner smells uber funky so I’ve had to throw it out

Gonna get the TV to get me a Bueno from the shop to help make up for all of the above

Board room pizza might be the worst thing in the world

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Would sanction a selection of flavoured hummouses and breads instead

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i would roll around in that


(I’m really hungry)