Is There Any Anime Lovers

Where Are You

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I like Lorenz from fire emblem

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How many body pillows we all rocking?

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I adore first season of Pokémon and the first two seasons of Sailor Moon (can never find a good stream for seasons three and four :pleading_face: ) but have never really ventured beyond that.

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We have a very enjoyable NGE thread if you’re a fan and want to chat about it


No, can’t stand it.

Yes, me, I just finished reading attack on titan, for those of you who don’t like anime try it out, it’s really good and the first season is on Netflix, both dubbed and in the original Japanese language with subtitles


Still waiting for the other seasons to appear :frowning:


I’ll send you a perfectly…legal…link that is excellent for the rest

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Is this a bit or something? Quite confused


It’s definitely a bit something


I don’t think I really like anime but I loved Full Metal Alchemist and really enjoyed Attack on Titan.

And One Punch Man if anyone saw that.

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I’ve got friends who love watching anime, and one other friend who cosplays all the time and goes to the conventions. One showed me this episode of a show where the guy breaks the 4th wall a lot, comedy type stuff but can’t remember what it’s called.

Enjoyed One Punch Man and late last year I had Baki and then Kengen Ashura on whilst working in the background, was cool, just fighting for most episodes so was like a prettier Street Fighter or Tekken.

I’m about 9 episodes into NGE, watch about one episode every 2 weeks, have to be in the mood for it, not grabbed me but it’s enjoyable and has a lot to it.

Might give that Lakeith Stanfield anime on Netflix a go, probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t for him being in it.

Neon Genesis Evangelion recently won me over to anime. Since then I’ve watched Serial Experiments Lain (incredible, will need multiple re-viewings to unpack), the Evangelion rebuild movies (too pointless and fan servicey for my tastes), Devil Man Crybaby (gave up 6 episodes in) and Ergo Proxy (a nice slow burner). Could any seasoned anime fans recommend something dense and atmospheric along the lines of NGE and SEL?

Started Cowboy Bebop this week - seems pretty good after the first few episodes. Otherwise I’m relatively new but have managed to see the following:

Fullmetal Alchemist (original series)
The Ghiblis
Your Name
A Silent Voice

One Punch Man
Way of the Househusband
A Whisker Away

Really loved but conflicted about
Food Wars
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Violet Evergarden


You should watch the last 2 EPs at least.
It’s wild.
Ever seen Death Note?
Or if you like lots of lore and political maneuvering interspersed with big robot fights: there’s all the diff gundam shows.

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Ooh good shout - I read the Death Note manga yonks ago. Does it mostly follow the same story beats?

I would like to get into Gundam but it’s a bit daunting given all the various offshoots, movies, reboots and the like!

Yeah it’s definitely the most faithful adaptation. I noticed a few additions/changes/ removals at the time but nothing drastic iirc.

With Gundam go for Gundam Wing first. Has no links to any other series/continuity is real good imo and is the show that ‘broke’ gundam in the west.

Just been introduced to Ouran High School Host Club. Oh boy