Is There Any Anime Lovers

I was obsessed with this when it came out in 2006, should watch it again

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I can’t tell if it’s “good” but it is certainly very entertaining!

I haven’t watched it since I was a teenager and I’m 32 now, but I remember it being cute and enjoyable

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My daughter really likes Cowboy Bebop and NGE. I was talking to her about my resistance to the genre recently and trying to get to the bottom of it.

I feel like I’ve got a deep-rooted prejudice toward it and I think it’s entirely because of the depiction of the characters. Often the hair, but mostly the faces - the big eyes, the pointy chins, the tiny noses etc. It feels very juvenile to me and it’s massively distracting.

I dipped into the NGE thread the other day and the way people were talking about it made me feel like I’m missing out. Maybe I need talking therapy to get past it. Or perhaps there’s a Youtube video out there called something like “So, you think you hate Anime”.

Maybe I’ll get past the aesthetic and watch it and still not like because it just isn’t for me - after all, I’ve watched enough Marvel to know that I’m not very excited by those stories - but at least I’ll have given it a fair crack. And if I love it…

Disney has not dissimilar stylisation in its animation (massive eyes, tiny noses), but obviously we tend to grow up with that and accept it as standard.

This, also there are loads of different styles, same as with western animation

I love studio ghibli, pokemon, dragonball z and akira. I haven’t delved much deeper but whenever I watch it I tend to like it. If attack on titan is good I might check that out.

Oh absolutely, but I don’t really see Disney stuff being much discussed as adult entertainment. Outside of Pixar of course.

I’m going to watch a couple of episodes of Cowboy Bebop and NGE to see if it’s for me.

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Really love The Disastrous Life of Saiki K although I’ve only seen the dubbed first season and the couple of episodes that Netflix made. It’s a comedy about a psychic teenager trying to draw as little attention to themselves and live as normal a life as possible. Really hope they dub the other seasons at some point.

That’s Cool

Like beenadetta from fire emble.

I have been meaning to get more into anime. I’ve seen plenty that suggests I’ll enjoy it but I just always end out falling off. Enjoyed jojos bizzare adventure and dat volleyball one which I forgot the name of. What I saw of em anyways

Love studio ghibili of course. Oddly never watch dbz or dragonball

Give Cowboy Bebop a go. It’s on All4 atm.
Death Note is v good too.
If you were gonna do Db/dbz I’d recommend watching an overview vid for dB and then doing the ‘kai’ version of dbz as it does away with the filler and episodes of two fighters just staring at eachother and having internal monologues.

(I’m deliberately not recommending series that go on forever)

DBZ Kai was great! Still the same ridiculous show but much the pacing was so much more bearable

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