Is there any functionality missing?

Just looking at the full list and I think all is well - there’s actually loads of things we could add that I’ve never seen before but obviously will depend if any of the community think these things are useful

Minor one but it seems like Watching a thread no longer works. It’s fine if it’s my one but if it’s a different person’s thread it seems like I don’t get the notifications

When you say notifications - do you mean in the top right on here, emails, or both?

Top right blue dot thing.

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Testing, testing, 123

That first post notified me, how about a second one in the same thread?

It seems that didn’t trigger it. Let’s try again.

But that did. So it doesn’t alert if you have a topic open. But that makes sense and is an edge case.

It also alerts my main account on replies, so that’s not it.

I’m not sure whether this is the same thing as above, but the notifications stopped working properly for me about a month ago (so before the move across)

I can open the notifications list as a separate page/tab and it works fine, but if I click my avatar in the top right, the drop down only displays the notifications of when you get a badge (usually for ‘popular link’ or something like that). Eg:

I can then click on the column on the right to go to a reply notification, but it seems like an unnecessary step.

Ta. Given me a couple of theories to look at.

Have you tried marking them all as read/pressing dismiss? I think it’s pushing unread badge notifications to the top or something so all the ones you’ve ever had that you didn’t click on are up there above the likes and replies from today

Oh yeah, that’s sorted it.


Edit: should probably have searched for ‘notifications’ before posting that

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Working ok for me on the bread thread

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You must really like knowing who makes shit bread!

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Of course!