Is there any greater pain

…than when you come up with an incredible thread idea and then later you can’t remember what it was?

The answer is no, of course. But if you want an argument, I’m up for it.

I had a corker of an idea but it’s completely gone.

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Was it for a good thread? Sorry


It’ll turn up where you least expect it.

On this board!

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I’m livid on your behalf.

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My fingernails right now



Au chocolate


Pain, vain, Boursain


Pain, vain, berghain would be a good title for a Berlin travel blog

I am in constant agony

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Doesn’t even rhyme.


The answer to that question is always napalm.

Having said that, @still_he_persisted has given me some real top level inspo for another year of no(t as much) nail-biting and tearing.

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Was it for a thread where everyone died by ice knife?

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Stepping on an upturned plug

Yes, orchitis.

Hey @saps never fear I can come to your rescue with another thread idea.

Whilst searching for an oh-so-hilarious picture of a giant baguette I stumbled on this article from a couple of years back. Stick a link in a thread, put a question mark or provocative comment after it and watch those replies start to pour in!

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