Is there any greater sin

Than white text on a yellow background?



Don’t wanna be mean but yellow is a bad colour in general

I asked to paint my room yellow as a kid and my mum said “no, you’re not living in an egg yolk”

She was right to do so


As a reader to children imo the greatest sin is black text on a blue background. Simply can’t be read. Go fuck yourself, ocean fact book!


I like yellow. Purple is the worst colour imo.

I’m just taking about the main colours here fyi

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words to live by

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No thanks, I’m full.

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Oh, Shrewbie.

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We’re opposites

No we’re not

When it comes to our opinions on yellow and purple we certainly are

Maybe other things too

Was going for a “we’re opposites in our opinion of whether we’re opposites” gag. See you in a bit

Not if I see you in a bit first,!

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Letting the thread lifespan test thread die?