Is there any truth in the

theory that cannabis cures cancer?

Or have I just done too much internet today?

I have heard of Doctors recommending it (off the record), particularly to people for whom actual medicine isn’t/can’t work for. Tragic as it is at the very least it should act as a painkiller.

Read this Facebook post the other day where some creep was saying all cancers are caused by vitamin B12 deficiency and washing up liquid.

Isn’t it a decent painkiller but like, it’s not going to cure cancer.

Dunno about cure but to keep an effective painkiller out of the reach of people in unbelievable agony is barbaric.

there are over 200 types of cancer so anyone who claims that x y or z “cures cancer” is talking bollocks

cannabis however does have remarkable potential medically, including for cancer patients, especially as it can help with appetite problems and nausea and pain relief - which isn’t the same as a cure in itself but it’s not useless


Yeah theres a lot of that doing the rounds, I saw one that said being alkaline was the cure. Like, your ph level dictated whether cancer could grow.

I was once at a wealthy friends house making dinner. I asked for a glass of water, he said yes, I went to pour some tap water. He told me to stop because tap water was too acidic and would cause cancer to grow, so he filtered it through a special machine which would allow you to set the ph at whatever you want.

I think that’s a ringing endorsement of more taxation, if people can buy bollocks like that then fuck em

I’ve actually done work with a company who were investigating products derived legally from cannabis for multiple different diseases. Can’t say anymore than that really - probably the most interesting project I’ve worked on.

I’ve not seen anything to suggest that cannabis could cure cancer. As @iamwiggy says, the notion of anything ‘curing cancer’ is misguided. It is used for pain relief for cancer patients in the US (see Sativex) as well as for treatment of multiple sclerosis. There is also growing evidence to suggest that CBD (a cannabinoid molecule) has good potential to treat certain forms of epilepsy (e.g. Dravet syndrome in children).

There was a great moment at Christmas dinner this year where my little brother recommended a bit of spliff to my sister’s Home Counties, UKIP voting, multiple sclerosis suffering mother in law.


Has anyone seen that FB video where a guy condenses a galleon of tap water down in a pan and shows all the residue left. Then analyses the residue to find out it is supposedly toxic chemicals. Does the same with bottled water and there is almost no residue. It was quite convincing . Thoughts?

complete shite?


Everything is toxic. Depends on the dosage.

Before I saw it I was the same, complete shite! I still think its shite but watching it has shaken my previous conviction. If you think about it all those old pipes it hangs about in cant be great.

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Bez once told me that vitamin C cures cancer, and that if we just drink orange juice all day we’ll live to 150.

He’s in agreement with a two-time Nobel Prize winner there. Albeit one who maybe went a bit batty in later life and really enjoyed his weed (allegedly).

It depends on the type of bottled water.

If it was processed/purified water, for example sourced from a treatment (e.g. Reverse Osmosis) plant then it should possess very low dry residue as almost everything has been stripped out of it. But if it was spring/mineral water then the dry residue should be relatively high as the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) is likely to be fairly high.

Tap water: again it totally depends on the source, be it groundwater, surface water or direct from a treatment plant.

Conclusion: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Drink bleach! You won’t get cancer!

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