Is there anyone on DiS who rides a motorcycle?

I mean, I don’t ride one. But I just wondered if there was.


I do.

in Mario Kart


Reckon scott_chegg knows his way around a hog

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I used to but I came off and chipped my elbow

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I think this would be quite high on the “least likely things that someone on DiS would do” list.


Yeah. I’ve been posting on here for well over a decade and I don’t think I’ve ever heard any motorcycle chat.

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Hence mentioning him in the OP

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I enjoy watching motorcycle racing if that helps, but I don’t ride one myself.

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I went on the back of one once. Didn’t like it.

We should all get one and ride about as a group seeming really intimidating but we’ll help old people cross the street, give out free soup, etc.


I used to in my younger days. Was a scooter kid, and had a 125cc motorcycle.

Do sometimes wish I had a nice comfortable one, but as a main, functional method of transport, they’re shite


Yes - really strange. So unpredictable every round, which I’m quite enjoying to tell the truth, albeit feeling rather sorry for Dovi who must have thought this would finally be his year with Marc Marquez out the picture.

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I tried one once, and fell off within 10 metres. Never again

i can play the riff to motorcycle emptiness if that counts

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I have indeed, not for a long time though. Not a Harley or anything, just off road motorcycles.


@dots does or did, if I iirc correctly

probably @Lo-Pan or maybe @kermitwormit

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Hey chaps :raised_hand:

Sadly had to move over to driving a car in the last few years (my school is in the middle of the nowhere and they don’t always grit the little roads to it… Not great on a motorbike :grimacing:)

Prior to that though I rode a BMW r1100s for many years. Wonderful bike, shaft drive, flat twin engine. Miss it.

BMW R1100S 99

Yes it was this horrible yellow colour but I still loved it and it made me easier to spot on the road I guess.


^was about to say that I thought you’d mentioned bikes before.

I think Creakyknees used to ride one as well.

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