Is there anything interesting to do in That London?

If you or the 14 year old have slightly gothy inclinations, Abney park is a very atmospheric place to explore

Go up Alexandra Palace or Parliament hill and take in the views.

14 years is probably a reasonable age to enjoy Camden market. Make sure to take in Cyberdog!


If the 14 year old is into axe throwing then this could be a good shout

Never been but mates tell me it’s good

Second Sky Garden too


Have done the axe throwing, it’s tricky but fun

Kew Gardens


if you like ballet costumes the V&A is currently your jam

I can recommend this if you’re considering getting married on your trip too.

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If you fancy this you currently have to book a timeslot in advance.

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me: goth as fuck

14 year old: not goth in the slightest


my wife would be really into this, going to suggest it

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thanks everyone, some good ideas here!


Looking for a nice restaurant walking distance (<15 mins) from the Barbican where I can have some wanky small plates, not too expensive but, you know, nice. Does such a place exist

If the 14 year old likes planes, this place is amazing

If the 14 year old likes ducks, this place is amazing:

NB all recommendations about ten years out of date.


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If you’re happy for the small plates to be a bit taco-centric, Breddos is good.


There’s a whole load of decent places on Whitecross Street, plus the street food market.

I’m not sure that I’d call it ‘wanky small plates’ but Korean BBQ & Vegan on that road is good


Ooh yeah this place jumped out at me on Google Maps :eyes:

You can turn the 3D view off, if you want


Pham is good if you like Japanese…

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Wetlands Centre

Based suggestion in all circumstances tbf