Is there anything more satisfying than

pulling a big bundle of hair out of the plughole in the bath/shower?

I love the way you only need to get like one strand at first and then you’re on your way, it offers a bit of resistance which is delicious. Extra special if the shower is running so you can see the water drain quicker once you get it out gonna cum

Hate it hate it, have to pick my girlfriend’s hair out the plug hole all the time and it’s never satisfying.


How? Its the epitome of satisfying

Hate it so much even when its my own hair, have to look away while I do it

I usually gather it all together, leave it to dry out overnight on the kitchen counter, then have it with milk in a bowl for my breakfast in the morning


Think its the combo of soap bubbles in the hair which is typhophobia inducing and the unruly state of it all. My hair always falls out in the shower, hate peeling it off my skin too

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It is somewhat less repulsive when dry, but dry hair is still grim too, like cleaning out my hairbrush. But somewhat better

Is quite pleasing but still pretty blurgh. Nice food for the worm composter though

Half expect Sadako is going to appear.

I’m with you here

I call it ‘the pube squid’

I say “plug rat”

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nasty business if you ask me

It’s a little old place where we can get together