Is there anything that you have forgotten about more of than someone else will ever know?

Simple question and I’m hoping for concise answers here which should be structured accordingly:

“I’ve forgotten more about [SUBJECT] than [PERSON] will ever know!”

I’ve forgotten more about DRE than EMINEM will ever know!

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Nice post.

I’ve forgotten more about THE THINGS I LEARNED AT UNIVERSITY than MY EMPLOYER will ever know!

This thread whiffs a bit of Cards Against Humanity :frowning:

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my own dreams?

Almost certainly.
No point asking me what though.

No, it’s not like Cards Against Humanity because the posts in this thread will be accurate

More like ‘posts against inaccuracy’ then

I suppose so

I would like it on record that I am the only person who has respected the format so far (aside from this reply, which I would like excluded from the record if possible no worries if not)

I’ve updated the record accordingly, thank you

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Pretty much everything I did at uni. Who needs a maths degree on a day to day basis? I use some of the analytical skills I learned, but have I ever used any Wave Theory or Fourier Analysis or could I tell you any detail about those topics now? No sirree!

My degree/science a levels compared to anyone who didnt study that I guess, I may have forgotten exactly what the steps in the Krebs cycle are or the steps of reverse transcription pcr but I still know what they are. Quite impressed with my past self for the amount of knowledge i was able to cram into my head

Not following your dreadful sentential format, Ant, but when I was a kid one of the 4 books I was given was on the history of formula 1. Anyway, I was able to recite every championship winner since its inception, and the year they won it.

Very glad to have forgotten it all.

Wait, what? How come?

I’m a man of dignity and I don’t obey the rules

I must admit I’m a bit intimidated by this


I don’t think I was ever taught English at school. Like why are kids now learning about fronted adverbials and all that shit. I have no idea what they’re talking about. Never got taught that.

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this is terribly tautological

I probably used to know more about the specifics of luthier-related practices than 99.9 percent of the world. I have forgotten easily 75% of that knowledge.