Is there anywhere nice to stay near Peterborough?

Just for one night. Just want somewhere cheapish in a nice village with a decent pub.

Any particular side of Peterborough preferred? Are transport links etc important?

I dunno but deffo go to Flag Fen while you’re in the area, if you can.

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No, there isn’t.



use the map, looks like there’s loads of places. if u don’t wanna use airbnb just use the locations to search for b&bs or hotels.

I’ll put you up! One train stop away.


alternatively, you could stay with my parents and chat to my dad about brexit?

Nice village, good pub. Brexit.


When I used to work at AMF Bowling in Ashford, Kent the manager from AMF Bowling Peterborough would occasionally be drafted in to cover other managers and I well fancied her.

Cycling from Sheffield to Colchester and using it as a stop-off so South West of Peterborough I think for the route I’m taking

Did you do anything to try and impress her, Ant?

Ideally but I’m prepared to walk away without one

How fucking big is Peterborough!?

Of course not. (Aside from being employee of the month for the first four consecutive months of the award existing leading to a removal of the democratic voting process to ensure other people were awarded it)

She must have been swooning.

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I was once employee of the QUARTER for my ‘effervescent personality’.

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Sounds like the film employee of the month starring dane cook

And also Reed temp of the month but I had to ask for that.

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Is that you?