Is there anywhere nice to stay near Peterborough?

Queens Head Inn at Nassington is a nice pub and has rooms.

Elton and Fotheringham are quite nice too.

A little bit further out/more options in Oundle (famous for Bruce Dickinson/@xylo )

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Which one?

The photo within the photo


I was going to say that this sounds like the plot of a Michael Cera film.

Nassington/Elton look about ideal but the queens head is fully booked. Will hunt around though ta

I would suggest Stamford but it’s probably a bit out of the way, although only one train stop.

Yaxley would fit the bill geographically speaking but the pubs are terrible and there’s a definite whiff coming from the mushroom factory, you’d probably be better off in Stilton.


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Sounds like an elaborate euphemism for…something.

Yaxley (and by extension, Farcet) are horrible.

Although there is a chance you might bump into Warwick Davis.

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Bit insensitive, m7


Yeah, it’s a great euphamism, I just don’t know what for.

Maybe for, “He/she takes a lot of drugs”?

Mushrooms are kept in the dark and covered in shite, it stinks when the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Found a room at the Talbot with breakfast for 73. Reckon I’ll do that. Thanks everyone


When are you going? If it’s the 14th October, make sure to take in the World Conker Championships

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It’s not in Ashton anymore :frowning:

Chequered skipper not big enough apparently.

I am. But I think that could be a bad idea

Tempting. Will see how I go (got 180ish km riding to get there, and 150 the day after) but thanks for the tip

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Yeah I’ve had to route it through the peaks just so I’ve got something to do on day one. Should be a nice couple of days though

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