Is there anywhere that I can get a hold of some of Prince's out-of-print stuff at a reasonable price?

e.g. The Gold Experience for less than £25?

I dare say it’ll all be reissued in time, but until then this stuff seems to be really difficult to get hold of.

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I found Emancipation in a charity shop. One of the discs was missing. Still haven’t got round to listening to it.

Lost my copy of this like a twat. It’s my fave prince album.

It’s on Spotify sooooon

Spotify is no use to me, but maybe if it’s all going up on there it’ll be up on some digital download stores soon as well?

o rly?? excellent.

Not sure if that’ll open the floodgates, but maybe?

streaming, but it’s on tidal (dunno how much of it can be bought). it’s all been on tidal since before he died (with new stuff/rarities being added since). he explicitly stated that he never wanted his music to go on spotify, can’t believe his estate would betray him like that tbh

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Lots of information here

The music of Prince is now available on spotify.


Well I guess you better believe it.

TBF I thought it was only going to be the greatest hits based on the press release announcing it earlier this week but it appears his whole catalog is there.

The whole catalogue? Lego was right: everything’s awesome!

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Looks like it’s just the Warner Bros stuff that’s on there. Loads of great stuff, but huge amounts of the catalogue not on there.

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Ah, dammit. I was looking forward to having I Wish U Heaven back in my 1988 playlist.

not the whole catalogue, you prick. lots will still be tidal exclusives. it’s to pay off the debts amassed by the estate since his passing.

“Ohhhh…pussy control!” :smiley: I’ve been listening to what’s on spotify all day. If he never wanted his music there, I feel slightly guilty. But only slightly.

Gold Experience isn’t available in Oz. I wonder what the motivation is for making the availability regional, outside of Tidal exclusives.

Gold Experience isn’t in usa either, I just wanted to sing it

:smile: genuinely the first song I searched for.

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Charity shops