Is there anywhere you can confidently say you will never eat again?


Is there anywhere you can confidently say you will never eat again?

Me: Subway


Don’t think so mate.


Bella Italia
any kebab joint (pains me to say this)


Animal flesh


My nan’s house :cry:


not on Meatbook


Oh, anywhere!

The abattoir.


The curry house we ordered from on Saturday night who sent us the wrong order and then got arsey when I went to get my money back. They’ve been blacklisted.

Although I’m guessing the person who had ordered 3 currys, two rices and two naans but got one curry, one side, one rice and a naan bread was even more irked than me.


Little Chef


Loads of places I’d never eat at by choice again.

I might have to cave if I’d been trekking through the jungle or something and was on the verge of starvation and the only place to eat was a McDonalds though.


The Rimjob Restaurant.


what would you order in that scenario?




Domino’s. I ate the worse food I’ve ever had in my life there back in the early 80’s. Vowed never to do so again. About five years ago I relented. The food was even worse.

How can you fuck up pizza?




Domino’s is a good shout actually.

Ordered from them a couple of times at uni and it was so awful.


Haven’t eaten in McDonalds for about 15 years. Can’t imagine going there again. Last Burger King was prob about 4 years ago. So prob that too.


Dominos is weird. sometimes i think it’s the best pizza around, other times it’s so bad it puts you off takeaway for months.


McDonald’s, probably.
Burger King, probably.
KFC, probably.

You get the gist.


The Dragonfly Cafe

A Vietnamese restaurant that opened up near me a few months ago. The first (and last) time I went there, a rodent scurried though the dining room into the kitchen.