Is there anywhere you can donate opened boxes of teabags to?

I keep buying different kinds of green tea but most of them are horrible and increasingly it makes me feel ill after drinking it. Consequently I’ve got a few different little boxes of it around with only a couple used from it, don’t really want to bin them as it’s a waste but I’d presume food banks wouldn’t accept open items? Anywhere else I can give them to?

Alternatively if anyone on here wants some free green tea through the post you can have some.

A foodbank wouldn’t accept an open box of tea. Might be worth checking with a local night shelter or community café or something? I think you’ll have your best success with the least ‘formal’ group

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I donate stuff via Toiletry Amnesty.

I know tea bags aren’t toiletries but it directs you to local listings of places accepting stuff and whether or not it has to be sealed or not, not just focusing on toiletries.

Just dig into one of those local Facebook groups. You’ll get some great responses:

  • Can you deliver the tea? Also I live 37 miles from you.
  • Do you have any regular tea I can have?
  • I don’t like tea at all. Do you have any coffee?
  • A racist joke about not being able to call it green tea cos it offends Martians

we have this in Brighton, might be something similar local to you. alternatively these guys would absolutely accept a box full of opened boxes of tea if you’re game for putting it in the post

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Sounds like an unmissable opportunity to crack out the old Karl Marx line. :tea::+1:

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i forgot my boss likes green tea so i just gave the unopened ones i have at work to her

i don’t think i’ve opened the other one i have at home, was planning to give it a try before giving up on it but just gonna cut my losses and bring it to the food bank box next time i’m shopping.

i do have a opened bag of decaff tea bags i got really cheap a while ago (even though decaff tea is for babies) and it just tastes like crap tea to me so might see if any shelters or anything are interested in those


this looks good!