Is there no evening thread yet?

FFS Leafy.

Had one of those commutes where you want to smash something by the end of it so I’ve now ordered an instantly regrettable amount of food and will angrily eat it in front of some shite on the telly.


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I’m eating some of these weird skittles that have no shell. I didn’t know I’d bought shellless skittles and the first bite was extremely unnerving


what did you order? I haven’t eaten lunch yet and I’m very hangry.


Burger. Fries. Chicken tenders.


god damn. I’d kill someone for all 3.


not sure if I ate too much at lunch or not. bit hungry now. might eat some cheese.

Having a few beers on my local and my sis just text me saying she’s having a roast and do I want fed.
Absolute fucking result team. :+1:


I’ve had a ridiculously busy day at work, hardly anytime to read DiS.

I got called a god and hero by a director at work, as I managed to tidy up and fix some important data that he screwed up last week.

When I left work I saw an old friend I’d not seen in 15 years, he was carrying a skateboard and still skates. He seems to have a very laid back life, quite jealous.

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My chicken with 26 cloves of garlic was pretty good but The Child has mostly been a pain in the arse since leaving nursery. I have some hilarious photographs of her ‘driving’ my car but I’ll save them for a time when she isn’t working her ticket.


I’m off tomorrow so the weekend starts here. Actually it started a couple of hours ago when Jimbo came home from nursery and we all went to the pub.

Takeaway tonight. What shall I have?

  • Chinese
  • Curry (Indian)
  • Curry (Thai)
  • Pizza
  • Other (please specify)

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I’m really enjoying this. It sounds like something someone made up on here.


Might use this poll myself. House to myself tonight and can’t be bothered to cook. I’m tempted to get a KFC which is at the end of my road. Feels wrong though?

Right, while I’m here: La Redoute duvet covers can FUCK OFF for not opening all the way across at the bottom. I’m not great at changing the duvet cover at the best of times, maybe a 4 or 5 out of 10, would never have it as my chosen event at the domestic chore Olympics (dishwasher filling, obviously), but fucking hell, they found the one way to make an already deeply irritating task just that bit more irritating. FUCK OFF.

Thank you, I feel better for that.


I once spent 45 minutes trying to get a duvet into a cover. Didn’t do it, ended up crying and then going without a duvet cover for months.

28 years old I was.


The mood I’m in right now there was a very real chance of tears/rage (always a coin flip) if it went even a little bit wrong.

Thankfully it was fine. With some deep breaths.

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Evening all. Watching Whitechapel after getting way deep into my small-time detective programmes. It’s relatively enjoyable.

I used to be like that until I found a ridiculously easy way.

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I should add I have figured it out now. Gotta get INSIDE the cover, haven’t you. Piece of piss these days, to the point where I actually bother to change my bedding.

Just made the biggest smoothie of my life because I’ve been eating junk for a week and I feel GROSS.

I think the strawberries might have been off though. Can you die from strawberries?