Is there no evening thread yet?

Or am I just doing that thing where you go to find something in the fridge but can’t and it’s right in front of you? If so, MERGE.

If not, how’s everyone doing?


P.S. I never do this because I know where everything is in my fridge.

Would sell my soul for something sweet.

I have nothing sweet :smiling_face_with_tear:

Reckon some of the science eggheads round here will have something to say about this.


Reckon it’d smell a bit cheesy

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Yep, that’s what happens.

Getting twatted on my own in Ipswich. Barmaid got distracted pouring my schooner so I got a pint for the price of 2/3rds



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Had a fucking exhausting day/week. Really ready for the weekend + Monday and Tuesday off now. My head is full of hay fever fuzz also. Made some fucking great burgers and wedges for tea though so there’s that.


Channeling my inner @Funkhouser on the group chat


I also have a friend named Sparky.

Hey up

Had a misery dinner of rice, grills and broccoli so it’s Cornetto time now.

That’s all the news


Forgot that there was a kilo of pick n mix in the cupboard. Not any more there isn’t.

Yes indeed.

Do you have a friend called sparky?

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Finished. Back in on the early tomorrow. Spag bol for tea. Boring

Reckon there’s any mileage in a thread to document times when you’ve been really good at your job?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe, only one way to find out

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I voted no, but believe you are good at your jobs - it’s just that jobs are exploitative.

worked for them like 5 years ago, basically an impossible task on the scale they need so the business should never have been created really

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