Is there no evening thread?

Did a pub shit in a blocked toilet AMA


I was just starting an evening thread, it was titled “Evening, thread”. It had no significant content though, I just wanted there to be an evening thread.


Hi Epimer,

What are your favourite pair of socks?

Your biggest fan

Hmm. Went for a wee in Sainsbo yesterday and one of the toilets was mega poo blocked, never sure whether to tell someone in case they think it’s you.

Going to watch GBBO with a twirl in a bit.

That’s it.


can’t believe it’s getting dark already!

Tempted to do a Chasey Lane tribute version of this post

I don’t know what that is sorry.

I’m just thinking of that pavement song…Chasey Lane…everybody needs one…ohmygodohhisgodohhergod etcetc

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Hi Epimer
Long time fan, first time questioner. What is your favourite herb?

Had a half day, met the TV and baby for lunch (pizza and a pint of cider), then watched some cycling and had a nap. Just watched Indiana Jones and now gonna cook up a veggie pesto bake.

Bloodhound Gang song about idolising a pornstar


reckon Epimer is an basil man

Good evening all. Debating whether to buy this t-shirt or not, cause I already own quite a lot of t-shirts

Just had scrambled egg on toast for tea cause we had lunch out (today is my Saturday) and watching old Taskmasters cause I’ve only recently got around to watching it. Might have a gin and some m&ms.

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Got some Pieminister pies in the oven :ok_hand:

Got a G&T on the go :ok_hand:

Entered another bike ride this weekend :ok_hand:

Gonna read after dinner :ok_hand:

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What gin hun?

think I spent to much time on here talking about children’s books and calling things tory today

Got a shitload of miniatures. Including IoW vodka. Vodka tonics next?

‘You’ve had a lot of shits (had a lot of shits), I’ve had a lot of time (had a lot of time)’ etc…


sometimes, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go

Got Steph a big bottle of that for her birthday and this necklace


You’ve seen a lot of shits Marty but you ain’t seen mine!

(And neither will you)


PS mum and dad this is Epimer, Epimer this is my mum and dad