Is there no evening thread?

That is bloody lovely

Evening all,

Giant meatballs and parmesan mash coop ready meal for dinner. Not bad, but I really should pay attention when they say you should leave things to stand for a minute.

Now show 'em them YouTube videos of old Netrunner tournaments.

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Thanks m9. Tbf, she requested it. I could never choose something that nice.

She has good taste :heart:

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For which we can all be thankful.

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Look at all those lovely necklaces!! And my birthday next month!

Excellent stuff mrsRichT

Oh, I forgot, I bought a pair of skinny jeans earlier. I’ve never worn skinny jeans before, no idea if I can get away with them or not and also if they will go alright with my boots, but I was too sick of trying to find decent yet affordable straight leg ones. I wish I had fashion sense enough to not have to worry if I look ridiculous or not.

Played football…BUT…my boots that I’ve had since I was about 17 fell to bits :frowning:

RIP Unlucky’s boots :frowning:

100% guarantee they look great on you


don’t think I have ever done a poo in a pub toilet.

Seems like a really bad idea

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I’m not sure, I have very lumpy legs and this possibly just highlights that fact.

Nah I wear skinny jeans and am by no means skinny. Are they black?

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Just had some soup and dipped tattie scones in the soup.

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Urgh, probably easiest to post pictures

Under here because I don't want them obvious.



that reads like the tv had the pizza and the bairn had the cider

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Y, look good. Black jeans are the best.



looks good m9


hcd gp

how’s the states?