Is there no friday thread!!??!!???

I’m eating a bagel and listening to a new black metal album which is a nice way to start my day. Last day of week off, think i’ll go out for a nice walk and then out for #beers later.


It’s only Thursday, mate.

Going to huff and puff through my stupid work at my stupid job, then play computer games until Monday.

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I did NOT buy the Zelda game, fyi btw ttfn

I watched a couple video reviews and then cancelled my preorder. You’re not missing much.

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Good morning, going to try my best to enjoy the good weather, I’ve been down lately and the sun always makes me feel better. Will slather myself with sunscreen, last time it was really sunny my arms got burned so badly, my skin was peeling for a week. Never used to get sunburned before, must be related to the thinning of the ozone layer.

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I’ll just play it for 15 minutes on my magic Steam device in December anyway.

This is now the not playing Skyward Sword thread.

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Morning all!

The Child was up at 5.45. It always makes me feel a bit bewildered to be awake before BBC Breakfast starts.

I’ve signed up for an online course today in the vain hope that someone will say something that will enthuse me about my job again. I’ll probably be filling out job applications while I take part so it’s nice to have bases covered.

I might walk to either M&S or Subway for lunch.

I’ve got football tonight.

smoked salmon for breakfast, off to work shortly then a tour, then bed


Somehow went to bed at 7 last night and slept through until 6. Quite hungry going to go and get a pizza at lunch from Cathedral Gardens since MIF is still there.

Bit foggy from the ol beers last night but it’s Friday and the sun is sheeeeeiiiiiyyning so I’m happy.

Might try and sneak in a little nap at lunchtime cos I’m off out to a talk tonight and probably pub after that.

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Morning all.

What black metal album, @ericVII?

Oh yeah it’s also my last day before a 2 week break maybe that’s why I’m happy :grinning:

it just came out today. one woman cascadian black metal/doom, for fans of WITTR definitely.

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Had a quite frankly rotten couple of days - am currently self isolating after developing a cough - test kit arrives today. Had to cancel on my friends birthday party

Am bored out of my mind already and the weather finally decides to pick up, cant play my Xbox because I broke the HDMI port trying to move it - it yanked the port and broke some of the pins.

Grandad also had a heart attack on my nans birthday and I cannot go and visit them to make sure they’re okay.


Sorry had to vent

shit, sorry to hear that duckman, hope you’re doing alright.


Got a load of work to do and also want to finish early cos of :sun_with_face: but havent done anything yet.

Very low on cold brew.

always pack an emergency cafetiere, stay safe out there x

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all!

Was going to try a bike ride but my feet are still in no fit state to wear tight footwear so enjoying the glorious sun in the garden instead.

Another 3 or 4 hours of work this afternoon and probably going to pick up some fish and chips on the way home for tea. Might drive to the station slightly further away so I can go to the chippy that does battered chips :yum: