Is there no friday thread!!??!!???

Ha very nearly posted his meme.

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Working nights this weekend so obviously the weather is amazing.
My new shift buddy (who is the BEST :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:) is currently self-isolating so may not be able to join me on nights depending on the results of a PCR test. Hnnnng.

Going to walk to the supermarket to stock up on good food and get some sun before nocturnalising

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After extensive research there are no good Cold Brew memes

I had 5 pints last night and am absolutely ruined this morning. I used to be way tougher than this.



Another beautiful day out there

I’ve got far too much work on for a friday, and my other half is off down at the beach this morning with her cousin who’s in town. Very jealous. Maybe I’ll have to pay a visit at lunchtime or something

It’s my B-day today, gonna lie down for a bit, go for a nice burger with my lovely TV and then look at Bandcamp (my sister got me a BC gift card). Any recs? Might try that Atropos actually



HP BD! :cake:

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You know when you’re going to a party and you’re being polite so you ask “is there anything I can bring or do you need help with anything?” And you don’t really mean it but you’re just being polite cause the polite thing to receive in response is to “no, just bring yourself!!”
Well I did that and now I’ve got to make my nieces 1st birthday cake! :woman_facepalming::joy:


So glad I don’t do nights anymore. Absolute murder through the summer. Too bright, too warm, too noisy when the kids are out during the holidays.

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Most are so bad, they’re good, if you think about it.

are you a known good baker? Because otherwise that’s a huge ask

though I guess a one year old will eat any combo of sugar and butter

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FAO of @hexagram




Victoria sponge that’s burnt on the bottom and doesn’t have nearly enough jam. That’ll learn 'em.

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I kind of am but I only know how to do one thing very well which everyone loves (key lime pie) and the request is for a funfetti cake which I’ve never made!



Happy birthday @hexagram!! :partying_face:

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Where’s the thread for things that don’t exist?

Turn up drunk with a Lidl colin the caterpillar ripoff that you accidentally leant on.


It’s very American? Birthday cake is not a flavour!