Is there no IAAF World Champs thread then?

Coleman about to smash it in the men’s 100m final

Maybe Hughes can bring home a medal for team GB?

The Arena graphics hype is quite full on

That Jamaican guy in the long jump destroying his PB to win was pretty good.

How many drugs did Justin Gatlin take exactly over the years?! He’s still winning medals 15 years after his Olympic gold!

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Gutted I just missed the 100 final :frowning:

Coleman wins :1st_place_medal:


Gatlin second, De Grasse from Canada 3rd, Hughes 6th

Love a long jump over 8.50m, great stuff

Bloke who shouldn’t be there beating 37 year old doper. Absolute farce


When will Bolt’s 100 record be beaten

  • Within the next 10 years
  • Not within the next 10 years
  • Tuesday

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The big Swedish hope is Armand Duplantis in the Pole Vault. Still only 19 and qualified easily with his first attempt at the qualifying height of 5.60m while the current World Record holder Lavenie of France failed to qualify

I don’t know the details, but is there any difference between what Coleman did and what Ohuruogu did?

300m approximately


Coleman’s time today would have been a new world record in 2007

Bolt’s time will fall, maybe a touch more than 10 years though, maybe less

Still think they should do an anything goes athletic championship.
Wanna see someone do the 100m in 5 seconds


Coleman did a Rio Ferdinand

Yeah, the the lights & graphics was pretty great. Shame the stadium was mostly empty

Don’t worry, I’m sure the next World Championships will be better for attendance…
checks where they are
OK, maybe not

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Anyone here know/got a PB for a track event they’d like to share before I reveal mine

110m hurdles 14.6s
High Jump 1.89m

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reckon I probably ran 100m in about 10 seconds

800m 2.05

very decent