Is there no IAAF World Champs thread then?

No you didn’t

faster than you though I reckon

I’m shit at running now which is a shame but I used to be able to sprint amazingly fast

Less than 150 people have ran the 100m under 10 seconds in the history of the world

really? maybe it was 11 seconds then, it was a good time

I like telling people I would’ve beaten Denise Lewis (2.12)

Not up to speed with the 110m hurdles and high jump but those sound good PBs also

Well done on our PBs

I was a Yeovil Olympiad but gave up athletics age 19 when indie rock took over. Probably would have been a very decent club athlete if I’d carried on training into my mid 20s

oh well

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Really want to run a track 5/10,000m at some point. Wonder whether or how much I could knock off my road PBs

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I stopped when I was 16 I think, started drinking innit.

Don’t think there’s any tracks that long

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At least it wasn’t me who said it this time

Really glad that Lynsey Sharp failed to make the 800m final given that she was one of the biggest snides towards Semenya and Wambui
got nobody else to blame her failures on now


Angelica Bengtsson is not doing as well as had been expected in the women’s pole vault - 2 red flags at 4.70m :frowning:

Bradshaw cleared 4.70m on her first attempt though & all 3 Brit lads looked very comfortable in the 200m heats

Gemili looked very good

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He did

and the big lad who strolled round in 20:10 looked very comfortable. What was his name?

Bengtsson clears 4.70m at her 3rd attempt

Yesss Holly B!

That was well weird

Angelica Bengtsson’s pole broke in pretty dramatic style

She gets another 3rd attempt BUT she can’t find her other pole

Not ideal

Fucking hell

She cleared it

New Swedish record in those circumstances


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