Is there really no Thursday thread?


It’s my last day at my old job today - which means I’m already done, old laptop and building pass packed up in a box waiting for a non time specific courier to come get it. Kind of annoying cos I’m stuck in but I’m getting paid I guess. Weird way to end after over 20 years

Hopefully I’ll get a bit productive today anyway with cleaning or bike fixing or music or something. Got therapy at 1, doing it virtually cos of said courier

Self Esteem tonight, taking my son. Hope it’s as awesome as last time


My boss sent me a chat at 4.45am. Woke in a panic thinking i was in loads of trouble because of the weird woman on my tour who is causing me a right headace in my office job but no, it was to say she loved my appearance on the news last night (which i know she watched live at 6.30pm)

Stop playing mind games with me :smile:

Off today but have to go to the office for a 3 hour meeting and then to address the above mentioned tour woman and mitigate any damage.


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Morning all!

Wor Lass asked me what I was doing today and, as I was explaining it, I realised I’m technically really busy without seeming busy. I’ve got an assessment to write and at least one to mark before 9.30, 14 sets of Prelim papers to make a start on and three pre-arranged feedback meetings with students this afternoon.

I’ll obviously be posting here this morning and playing Prey this afternoon.

Forgot to shower yesterday and now the roofer has arrived early and whatever they’re paying them isn’t enough to have to witness me soaping up my hairy arse crack, so I guess I’m doing without.

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Why do i even bothher setting an alarm,i never get up


Right, that’s four minutes past nine. Feel like I’ve put in enough work for the day, time to play computer games.


4.45am? Christ


One of those days where the goals is to clear as many open tickets as possible but the result will be ending up with several additional tickets on top of the existing ones

As a very sweaty man, I might get some of these bamboo boxer shorts ahead of the summer.

I’m normally slightly more diligent than this, but given that they’re keeping me in redundancy limbo they should be grateful for every second of those four minutes tbqfh

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Been for a nice* walk with the dog.

*Grey, damp and gloomy

Going to hibernate for the rest of the day as it’s forecast to rain for the next 20 hours or so.

Finally slept after a few back to back nights of insomnia! So I feel greaaaaaaat. Bundles of energy!

Gonna go kick some arse at my body combat class :boxing_glove:

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pretty cold and aggy out there today. managed to get into town relatively trouble free but not sure how much i fancy my chances of getting home. gonna be lugging loads of equipment as well. got some nice hot food and a coffee for breakfast. i like being warm imo. friendship with black metal ended.

Work is a bit frantic at the moment. Big Thief later. Will have to drive because of the tube strike (which I support obvs)

Off for a family walk before work


Decided I’m having halloumi burgers and sweet potato wedges for tea tonight.


Brutally interrupted for a fire drill. Absolutely livid. And cold. Ffs.

Morning kids!

The sun’s almost out, I’m off to my first gig in almost a month tonight, and I’ve pretty much done my essential work for the day.

I might pop out for a coffee to celebrate

So it’s just past 10am and so far today I have:

  • Got up and made coffee and tea.
  • Done today’s Wordle.
  • Taken my pills.
  • Had a shave.
  • Got dressed.
  • Put all the washing up away off the draining board.
  • Done all the dirty washing up.
  • Dried up and put away that washing up.
  • Made Mrs F some crumpets for breakfast in bed ahead of her doctor’s appointment.
  • Emptied the washing machine and put the stuff on the dryer.
  • Filled the washing machine with a new load.
  • Hoovered the ground floor and the stairs.
  • Emptied the hoover bag into the compost bin.
  • Gone to the shops and bought a paper.
  • Been for a quick walk round the park.
  • Shaved my head ahead of my EEG at the hospital tomorrow morning.
  • Cleaned the inside of the coffee machine and set it on a descale cycle.
  • Had a quick team meeting on Teams.
  • Done all the daily puzzles on Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

And that’s what happens when you’ve been in pain for three months and one day you wake up feeling relatively OK for once! :smiley: