Is there such thing as jazz metal?


she’s such an obvious Shudder to Think fangirl.

I like it, though. I can understand why it might be really, really irritating to some people, though.


Their 21st century (schizoid) albums are metal A.F.

Their early albums might be labelled as proto-metal.

I mean, the riff from Larks Tongue in Aspic Pt. 1. Metal A.F.


no inventing genres


If you’re allowed to have “post” genres, then it stands to reason that you can have “proto” genres.

But what I really mean is, they were playing metal before the term existed to describe their sound.


yup this is immediately who came to my mind too


my memory of ephel duath was good, but it was a long, long time ago, let’s find out if I still think that


that drum n bass break is so bad


yeah either this hasn’t aged well or I have?


could be both i guess


early Dillinger and Between the Buried and Me def had jazz elements:

but I dunno, does prog conflict with jazz? is it from the same place?


If a proto-metaller widdles before there is heavy metal, does it make a sound?


Far too much widdling in this thread. Save it for the widdle thwead.


(I probably could have picked better examples but I’m not 15 anymore)


Impressive. It takes a huge amount of practice, dedication and skill to make something quite this unlistenable.


Ephel Duath, plus kayo dot + bohren & die club of gore in places


Mare sorta



seem to recall cynic being quite jazz fusiony, don’t think I ever properly listened to them though

oh, wwwwo just said that


do Jaga Jazzist count (never listened to them)


yes, except that they aren’t metal or jazz