Is there such thing as jazz metal?


Nah, because when its contemporary you can’t be proto something that doesn’t exist. The Stooges weren’t going round calling themselves Proto-Punk, that only came about when the punk bands decided to copy them.

On the other hand Deafheaven can go around saying they’re Post-Black Metal because they have taken what Mayhem were doing and given it a shoegaze sound instead.


I don’t want to get too deep into a conversation about genre. That way madness lies, and this has already gone on long enough. But few bands - that’s to say, few pioneering bands - are willing to attach a specific label to their sound. It’s always done after the fact, once we have a bit of hindsight and perspective. Which is why terms like “proto metal” exist.


This really depends on what you’re defining as ‘jazz’. If it’s swing rhythms, they’re everywhere (Refused, System of a Down). If it’s being progressive with time signatures, keys, dissonance, instrumentation, etc, then you’re looking at The Mars Volta, Dillinger, etc. King Crimson was prog, but that’s because they were bringing jazz influences into a rock band setup.


As if I didn’t immediately have to play that Esperanza Spalding track, though.


I was already thinking that this is bordering on my most successful thread on the new boards. This revelation has definitely tipped it over the edge.


tried watching it again. got to 1:25, that’s my best effort i think


It’s really incredible.

Also made me realise my racist assumption that only someone not UK/US could do this as otherwise they’d know how essentially naff the video and the song were. But no, she’s American. She’s from Portland, though, so it could just be viral work for Portlandia?


Hold on, you mean “incredible” in a bad way? It’s a fantastic song! And the album just gets better from this point.


(I quite like the song, am now listening to the album…)


There’s a cover of a song from Willie Wonka that’s a bit trying, but apart from that it’s exhilarating.


It sort of transcends good and bad. What I will say is there is no way I can imagine enjoying listening to it but I can appreciate how well it’s made.

Sort of like one of those arty films people like, say a Lars von Trier: brilliantly made, utterly unenjoyable on any actual level.


Lars Von Trier is utterly unenjoyable because he hates everyone and everything and has nothing but contempt for his audience. Even if this style of music is not your cup of tea, the comparison does not stand - this is full of joy.


It is clearly not a comparison based on joy, it is a comparison based on the gap between technical prowess and how much the result is equivalent to Jurassic Park/Nevermind.


There’s elements of both jazz and heavy rock on the new Shobaleader One live album.


Not sure it qualifies as jazz “metal”, but you all should check the 1st Screaming Headless Torsos album.



Jazz metal used to be all the rage in Peterborough back in the early-mid 00s. Tunguska Butterfly! Barrelass!

sighs wistfully