Is this a dig?


Just received an email starting with:

“Dear Joe
Hope you are fine.”

Why just fine? Snarky fucker.


I reckon they mean it in the “very attractive” sense and are about to ask you on a date


Depends. Is your name Joe?


hmm. good take, wait there a second…

reads rest of email

Well that’s disappointing.


No offence but if I was reading this thread I probably would work that out without having to ask



I say ‘fine’ quite a lot in a cheery way to mean ‘it’s all good’.

I have noticed that not everyone uses it in the same way, and just thinks that I am passively-aggressively trying to avoid criticising.


Wine can be fine. Weather can be fine. Art can be fine. Why not people?


I thought they might be negging you.


ITT: a fine whine


If I knew someone called Joe any email would start “Hey Joe”

and then a line from the song.

Sadly, I don’t ever have need to email a Joe. Joseph on occasion, but no shortened version.

Even a Jo! But she’s a bit cool for me and would probably do me for sexual harassment or summat.


Hey Joe, my brother is called Joe


My brother is called Joe :open_mouth:

My sister lives in London too!


:musical_note: du-dun du-dun dun :musical_note:


you should email your brother mate


Doesn’t have the internet. Or even a computer I don’t think?!

He did for FM(!!1!) but now he’s married he doesn’t really play it any more.


have you ever seen mighty joe (1998) smee?



He should try FMT


How dare you?! He does not need Faecal microbiota transplantation at his age!