Is this a dog or a fox?

Nice cushion though, isn’t it.

  • Yeah it’s alright
  • No
  • I don’t care, mate. It’s a cushion, who gives a fuck. CHRIST.

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Arctic fox.

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No. Ghost wolfox.


I’ve never bought a cushion. There are the ones on the couch (they came with it, they’re quite a significant element of the couch tbh) and one that my mam got me that sits in the bedroom (I think it’s supposed to be decorative on the bed, but I just leave it on the bedside table).

Wouldn’t know where to start with buying a cushion, or where I would put it.

Why do men have such problems with cushions? Great mystery of our time.

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John Lewis


You’re welcome.

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I like to hug a cushion

How many are you supposed to get? One’s just going to look daft, but if I go two, might as well go three??

As many as you like. Express yourself. In the medium of cushions.

One of these on John Lewis are one hundred and twenty pounds!

Well don’t get any of those, obviously, you’re not a mug.



Don’t know who James or Emma are, but this is the talking point my living room has been crying out for.


Friday selfie thread?

i’d wager he has some variety of walking clock on that cushion