Is this a scam?

I’m a bit thick at the best of times, so I need your help.

I’m looking into moving to a new flat so that I can live alone and never ever ever live with other people again.

I’ve contacted someone that has advertised locally. The flat looks great. Cheapish, perfect location. He lives in Norway, but supposedly bought this flat for his son who moved to the Czech Rep (where I am now) but then moved back to Norway.

I’ve asked what the procedure would be considering he’s in Norway, and he sent me the below.

Do Airbnb even do this kind of thing?

I know that’s a fuckload of text so if anyone reads through it you have my undying love.

No idea,but id suggest checking with airbnb directly?

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Are they meant to be Norwegian ie. have Norwegian as thei first language, or just live here? Cause the bits where the English isn’t great also doesn’t make sense if someone was just going word by word from Norwegian, for what it’s worth.

Also of course what warny says

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Thanks, that’s interesting. He says he lives in Oslo, didn’t say he was Norweigan.

Although his name is Christer Nordvik, and if I was going to make up a Norweigan name on the spot, that would be it.


I’m almost certain this is a scam, sorry!

Sounds pretty scammy to me.

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Yep, that seals it. I’ll tell him to do one.



It’s a scam. I almost fell for it. I registered on Airbnb so that I can upload my ID and other information there (phone number, etc.) I emailed the guy that all the required data are on Airbnb, no need for me to send it to him by email.
We exchanged a few emails since then and the “process” is that you get an email from fake Aribnb - “Airbnb Company” with a link to… The page was very suspicious - three 5* reviews (all perfect, best living ever) and you are not able to click on anything (not even the photos of the apartment) except for “Request to Book”. That button points to a Billing Details page which is NOT secure - only http, not https. And that’s where I got certain that it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, it was too good to be true.

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le scamoi

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Scammy Nordvik

Bit of advice for any budding scammers : If your English is not 100% spot on dont pretend to be Norwegian ffs

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Better off pretending to be English in that situation really.



fake cheque republic


So it’s a scam

You got got

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I have no idea what this is, but I hate them both already.

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You heard.

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