Is this a shared experience?

I was listening to a podcast and the host said ‘yes, it’s like when you’re a kid at your grans and you use the egg slicer as an instrument and have a boogie in the kitchen’.

He said it with such conviction like EVERYONE has had this experience in the past. I don’t believe they have.

  • Yes this brings back fond memories
  • What?

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Feel free to use this thread to determine whether other things are shared experiences or just niche things that you and your weird gran did

Is DiS a shared experience?!


I have done it, but not as a kid at my grans

For som reason when we were children we used to call the one that my gran had a jew’s harp (she is Jewish) (well she’s dead now but when she was alive she was Jewish)

Cannot even picture an egg slicer, let alone used one as an instrument

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Further evidence that the podcast medium has ran its course


It’s a contraption that you slice eggs with

I can only imagine

Using an egg slicer is a very enjoyable thing, everyone should try it

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Here is an insta video I made a few years ago of me slicing an egg, enjoy


Reckon it would work with halloumi? or tofu?

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Wish I had an egg slicer now

I once bought en egg cuber off eBay for scout’s birthday about 10 years ago but it got smashed in the post so we never got to experience the joy of cubed eggs

Used to have a row with my cousin about who could use the garlic crusher at my nan’s when she was making spag bol but that was it

Look at it!


egg cuber. egg CUBER.


I didn’t know what it was when I used it as an instrument

just seemed like the natural thing to do

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An onion? Wonderful

I am going to buy one right now

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